Why you Need to Buy PVA Towel from D Seasons?

PVA towel is commonly used in our life now because of it good ability of water absorption.  PVA towel starts to become a swimming towel and fast drying towel.  Many house-hold applications such as window cleaning and car cleaning are using the PVA towel to get the best experience.

D Seasons not only supply an ordinary PVA towel, but also committed to bring new life to customer through our design, process and quality.  While you are buying the PVA towel from D Seasons, you are actually getting more than just a towel.

Premium Quality PVA Towel.

D Seasons has many years working in PVA sponge material, our PVA sponge roller material has been qualified in many high tech industry such hard disc drive and semiconductor industry.  The PVA towel is manufacture with the knowledge we have learn for many years.

The PVA towel is processed by a certified procedure to ensure utmost product quality.  We have established an extensive process control and monitoring plan to ensure our product quality meeting the criteria.  The PVA towel supply by D Seasons is tested to proof free from heavy metal and pass skin dermatology test.

Various Choices of PVA Towel for Most Application.

Currently we have 4 difference sizes in PVA towel, namely PVA towel 21*21cm, 21*68cm, 43*68cm and 21*99cm.  These 4 difference size cover most of the application from household window cleaning, car cleaning, swimming towel, sport activity, shovel bath and body cooling.

The 21*99cm (8” * 39”) long towel is one of our hot selling items, this long towel has been vastly use in Japan office while the air condition is set at 25C.  By wrapping the PVA towel around the neck, user can experience 2deg cooler in temperature.

Fast Response and Delivery.

We understand customer want to experience our PVA towel with no delay.  Our PVA towel shipment will be accompany with a tracking code to ensure the shipping process is accountable.  Meanwhile we have selected the courier service which we think it worth the value we pay.  In case you have your own preferences courier shipper, please do not hesitate informing D Seasons for special arrangement.

We know the customer’s needs for getting a PVA towel.  We are very confident you can see the difference while our PVA towel reach your hand.  Feel free to shop in our website and make sure you like our D Seasons facebook page.