Why PVA Towel is Good in Water Absorption?

Fast and good water absorption rate is one of the important characters for PVA towel.  We know PVA towel is a fast drying towel perhaps it could absorb 5 times of water than it own weight, it is even could absorption more water than the traditional bath towel under the same size.

D Seasons not only a PVA towel wholesale, we are heavily involved in the manufacturing process and engineering in order coming out a quality product.  In this article, we will discuss some reasons why the PVA towel is so good in water absorption and make it a common seen product at swimming pool.

There are 3 perspectives while we are talking about water absorption.  1) The ability to transfer the water from a wet surface to PVA towel; 2) The response time for water absorption; 3) The ability to retain water within the PVA towel.

Good Water Transfer Rate

PVA towel is having another important characteristic more than just water absorption.  The excessive water being squeezed out, there always remains a thin water film in between the porous.  The water film will firmly trapped by capillary force.  This capillary force will firmly traps the water film and restricts the water film transfer to other substance.

This implies that the PVA towel is having a very good function to transfer the water from a wet substance to the PVA towel.  Meanwhile the larger the capillary force, the faster it will absorb the water droplet.

Micro Structure of PVA towel help to Retain Water.

If you are putting the PVA towel under high magnificent microscope, you are able to see a porous structure at the cross section.  The porous structure of PVA towel is the reason why the towel could absorb more water content.  The interconnected open pore will trap the water drop let with it capillary effect.

The even distributed Porous Design

Our PVA towel gone through a stable foaming process, this is essential for producing an even distributed pore dimension.  An even distributed porous design will further enhance the water trapping ability.

A large bath towel is always been used for clean up the excessive water, however the PVA towel could do the job even better than bath towel.  Get a PVA towel from D Seasons and experience yourselves for the water absorption ability.